Bird Droppings

Bird poo stains can not only ruin your paints appearance but they also cut deep into the Phsyce of car and enthusiasts. There is nothing worse than polishing and looking after your new car, parking it in all the right places away from potential harm, garaging and so only to be away for just one hour and return to find you have been selected by mother nature for a nice big stain right in the worst place possible.
There is some good news here.
Restoration and paint correction technology has advanced dramatically in recent years but the onus of having these issue corrected in on you the owner.
If you are to have any hope a few steps must be followed.

Step 1. Remove immediately. A tissue and some fresh water is perfect. Place the tissue over the stain and tip enough water on to completely soak. This will soften the mess and make it easy to remove. In most cases this is enough to stop the burning process in its tracks.
2. Check to see if a stain is present. If stain is removed quickly and you have been polishing / treating your paint then it is likely to only have marked the clear coat if at all.
3. If a stain is present then make your way to a detailer and directly ask the question if they are able to remove the marks in your clear coat. It is very important that your detailer shows knowledge in this area.
4. Make sure the area is properly sealed up with good quality polish or if the area has been professionally treated with a protection to have it reapplied to affected area after repair is complete.

Time is the biggest factor here. Regular maintenance of paint will offer a much better resistance and prolong the time you have to remove things that may cause damage.

New Car Plastic Mouldings

How do I keep my plastics dark and looking fresh?
Many new cars have plastic mouldings around in various areas. In most cases they serve a purpose such as stone guards, kick plates for doors and scuff plates near boots but mostly to give your car its own personal look that helps define its edges and make paint stand out.
Keeping them clean and looking as good the day they rolled out of the factory can be difficult if not managed from day one.
Things to avoid…
Even though they are made of plastic most are a cheap composite that absorbs and fades over time.
This is the answer right here. If dirt, water and grime are left on for an extended period of time then the plastic will fade and become stained with no long term way of restoring or repairing them.
Avoid silicone based products on your plastics. Even though they will look dark the silicone element can cause major dramas in the upkeep of the rest of the car. When that silicone is washed over your paint during cleaning, a few issues arise, polish will not adhere evenly, dust and dirt sticks to the affected areas and if a panel shop repair needs to made on your car then silicone will dramatically affect the repair process.

Put simply, just keep them clean and cleaned regularly, avoid harsh soaps from cleaning processes and look for water based products to protect in between cleans.

For help in any area of your cars appearance or maintenance feel free to contact us directly.


Over spray is a covering of paint across your car. This occurs mainly when paint is sprayed at pressure nearby and is taken by a breeze or wind gust. The result is a very even and fine mist of paint to the entire surface facing the source.
This is very common around building sites, fences being built and spray painted and repair shops that spray cars outside of a painting booth.
I am particular with my car but like my customers I have I don’t actually clean it myself. When my car was polished recently a staff member picked it up from the feel of the paint as polish was being removed.
A number of techniques exist to remove paint from different surfaces of you car. Glass & paint are manageable but plastic and rubbers pose a significantly greater challenge.
Drop into the site phone our cafe for advice or to book a time to asses any of the above.

Beware of cheap imititations

Inferior parts and services on your vehicle can have drastic results.

Sometimes things seem fine until they are tested by a variety of occasions.  At the worst time they fail and leave us questioning was it really worth it to try and save those dollars.

Some clear cases will be added to this blog, hope they help you on your vehicle journey.