We offer a range of services from our “Wash Menu” that can be completed while you wait or for a more intensive clean we have a large selection of “Detailing & Restoration” processes that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Wash services range from an exterior clean all the through to a superbly smooth and polished duco to rival a factory new finish.


  • Hand washed
  • vacuum including boot
  • chamois dry & micro fibre finish
  • interior wipe (damp chamois)
  • windows cleaned &
  • tyres glossed
Sedan $51
SUV $59
Large $67


Spray Wax $5
Interior Clean Upgrade $15

Valet & Hand Polish

Valet wash plus:

  • Full hand wax and polish
  • makes you paint shine
  • UV protection.
    Protects finish & looks great!


Sedan $79
SUV $89
Large $99


Interior Clean Upgrade $15

Valet & Exterior Works

Valet wash plus:

  • Paint cleaning treatment
  • full hand wax and polish
  • interior clean upgrade
  • polish adheres to clean
    paint surface.
    silky smooth finish!
Sedan $240
SUV $255
Large $265


Valet & Interior Works

Valet wash plus:

  • Valet wash
  • Interior clean upgrade
  • deodorising can
  • plus choose a ($130) mini detailing option.
    Recharge your car’s interior!
Sedan $240
SUV $255
Large $265


Boot Steam $38

Mini Detail Options:

Floors Steam $130
Seats(5) $130
Leather Clean(5) $130

Detailing and Restoration can be applied to nearly every part of your car.  Machine polishing is a great way to optimise your vehicles appearance and maintain its value.

Lights scratches, wear and tear, faded paint, marks from tree sap, stains on seats floors and plastic come from all areas of life.  We all use our vehicles for different reasons and they all get dirty in different ways.

Proven processes to clean and restore your vehicle to its optimum condition.

Upon arriving we go through your car and clearly asses what is required, how long it will take and a firm price to complete the work required.


We have a wide range of Machine Polishing products from Ultra high gloss all the way down to heavily scratched.

Detail & Restoration Services are as follows:

Steam Clean Options

Seats steam cleaned from $130
Carpets steam cleaned from $130

Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned

Add this to any wash $130

Machine Polish Options

Sedan from $340
SUV from $370
Large from $410

Interior Detail

Sedan from $340
SUV from $370
Large from $410

Full Detail

Sedan from $490
SUV from $550
Large from $625


Vehicle Protection Packages

Ceramic Coatings are a fantastic development in surface protection.  I have trialled numerous products over time.  We primarily apply Carbon Coat.  With its extreme resistance to heat, acid, alkali and abrasion, the addition of Silicon Carbide has made Carbon Coat 4x stronger than conventional Silicon Dioxide coatings by returning a score of 9H on the Mineral Ordinal Hardness Scale (MOHS).
The molecular make-up of Carbon Coat causes water to form a spherical shape, minimising the overall contact to the surface and simply roll off. This makes cleaning a hydrophobic surface much easier.
Carbon Coat represents the latest in Vehicle Surface Coatings. The addition of Silicon Carbide and the state of the art Nano Technology within Carbon Coat provides superior bonding of the solution down to a molecular level.
Lets face it, every time you clean your car you are rubbing the surface with sponges, chamois and drying clothes to ensure it is clean.
Ceramic Coatings offer a non stick finish massively reducing the effects of cleaning and everyday wear and tear. Ceramic Coatings still need to be maintained with regular cleaning, but do not not require the constant polishing and detail treatments to maintain the amazing finish.


Exterior Protection

2 Coats Painted Surfaces


Sedan $700
SUV $800
Large $900





DLUX Fleet Cleaning Services can go anywhere anytime to keep your fleet moving & your brand clean.

We currently Visit all over Melbourne and would love to quote for your fleet also.

One week, once a month even once a year.
We currently service some Melbourne biggest companies both on the road and here instore.

Melbourne Water
John Holland
Wilson Security
Fire Rescue Victoria
Alan Mance Group Footscray
Kia Footscray
Par Leasing
Maribyrnong City Council
Unyte Group HoldingsPty Ltd
Footscray Collision Care
Mancini Made
S&D Car Care
Melbourne Water
Melbourne Health
Western Health
Caressive Autohaus
Landscape Discoveries
Moira Kelly Foundation
Gateway Community Services
Wilson Storage
BARC Accident Repair
Colonial Collision
Mobil Refinery Altona

If you would like to enquire about a company account to service your fleets needs contact
Jarrod O’Mahony directly
(mobile) 0409 538 716
(email) info@dluxwash.com.au