Tradie Van Clean Up

This was a very new Mercedes Van that was unfortunately getting very dirty very quickly.
A long term customer presented us with his workers van and really wanted it back to showroom condition.
An “INTERIOR DETAIL” was required.
Most of this was fairly straight forward except for the removal of Silicone from fabric seats.
Of course we got it done!!!!!!!!!!

Original PUG 504_Paint Revival_Regular Maintenance

The 504 Revival
This “PUG” has been looked after well, but time takes it toll eventually and it needed to be freshened up.

PORSCHE CAYENNE S Big, Flat Black & Needs Attention

This Porsche Cayenne S was purchased second hand and delivered to us for an assessment.

As the car is to be a gift it needed to look its best. In saying that it was another classic case of “Over Washed & Under Polished”.

This simply means while the car was cared for by previous owner it was probably driven through an auto wash, never polished and definitely never had any speciality work completed.

The degree of hazing and scratches in the clear coat was extreme but still able to be restored.

Flat black or any paint that does not have “Tinters”or better known as “Metallics” show off imperfections very clearly. It is extremely important to remove all hazing to ensure the finish looks it best.

Enjoy and pm if you have any questions.


This Nissan GTR is flat black. This car suffers like so many from over cleaning and under polishing.
The customer is sick of it scratching every time he touches its surface.
We proceeded to completely restore the paint.
Step 1. Scholl S3 Gold (for heavy scratches)
Step 2. Scholl S20 black (Removes light scratches & swirls)
Step 3. Scholl W40 (Removes fine marks and seals finish)
Final step was a coating of “Poor Boys”Paint Sealant to ensure that future polishing adheres to the surface offering greater protection.

Pearl White Gets Ceramic Coating

This Pearl White Ford Mondeo is a few years old but in great condition.
Ceramic Coating has amazing filling capabilities which means any small imperfections are filled in during application.
This simply leaves a smooth and very consistent finish on your car.
Once this coating is completed a few things happen.
1. Amazing shine
2. Extremely easy to clean
3. Scratch resistant
4. No need to Polish the finish to maintain shine.

This product truly delivers every time and this Pearl Paint looks sensational.

Black Mercedes Benz Paint Correction

Black cars always need special attention.
This 250 Mercedes is an every day driver. Owner to work, kids to school & sport.
In & Out Same Day……….
If your car just doesn’t look like the way or make you feel the way it did when it was new then this service is for you.

Leather Seat Cleaned / Chewing Gum Removed

Keep your leather seats clean by using us or this process.
Chewing gum comes right off.

Carpet Cleaning_Carpet Shampoo_Just So Effective

How much dirt is stored in your carpets.
A good shampoo or steam clean makes a massive difference to the appearance and odur in your car.
Here is a quick demonstartion on just how effective it can be when executed correctly


This video is a perfect example of how to save yourself thousands and the disappointment at trade in or sale time.
Regular detailing and maintenance will literally transform a tedious process into one of ease.


This M3 Bmw is my customers pride & joy. After 4 years it is now only being used occasionally making it time for a make over.
Full detail in & out,
dash and most importantly a showroom shine finish that acts as a paint protection also. This showroom finish is a great alterantive to ceramic coatings. It is best for vehicles are not used as a daily driver. The finish can be removed or added to when maintaining the car.