Vehicle Protection Packages

Nano Protection or Ceramic Coatings are a fantastic development in surface protection. In the past we have relied a chemical layer applied to the cars surfaces to offer its protective layer. This was formerly known as “Paint Protection”. While this served us well for many years it proved to be difficult to maintain and lacked real longevity.
Nano Diamond Ceramic Coatings differ in that they offer a physical glass coating to the surface. They are extremely hard and resistant to the everyday wear and tear on cars and most importantly they are resistant the effects of cleaning.
Lets face it, every time you clean your car you are rubbing the surface with sponges, chamois and drying clothes to ensure it is clean.
Ceramic Coatings offer a non stick finish massively reducing the effects of cleaning and everyday wear and tear. Ceramic Coatings still need to be maintained with regular cleaning, but do not not require the constant polishing and detail treatments to maintain the amazing finish.
Our 3 layer Nano Diamond finish offer a massive 10 year protection and finish guarantee.

Exterior Protection

2 Coats Glass, 2 Coats Painted Surfaces
(guaranteed up to 6 years)

Sedan $699
SUV $799
Large $899

Ultimate Exterior Protection

3 Coats In Total
(guaranteed up to 10 years)

Sedan $799
SUV $899
Large $999

Interior Protection

Premium Carpet Sealer
(Scotch Guard For Floors & Matts)

Sedan $250
SUV $300
Large $350