Vehicle Protection Packages

Ceramic Coatings are a fantastic development in surface protection.  I have trialled numerous products over time.  We primarily apply Carbon Coat.  With its extreme resistance to heat, acid, alkali and abrasion, the addition of Silicon Carbide has made Carbon Coat 4x stronger than conventional Silicon Dioxide coatings by returning a score of 9H on the Mineral Ordinal Hardness Scale (MOHS).
The molecular make-up of Carbon Coat causes water to form a spherical shape, minimising the overall contact to the surface and simply roll off. This makes cleaning a hydrophobic surface much easier.
Carbon Coat represents the latest in Vehicle Surface Coatings. The addition of Silicon Carbide and the state of the art Nano Technology within Carbon Coat provides superior bonding of the solution down to a molecular level.
Lets face it, every time you clean your car you are rubbing the surface with sponges, chamois and drying clothes to ensure it is clean.
Ceramic Coatings offer a non stick finish massively reducing the effects of cleaning and everyday wear and tear. Ceramic Coatings still need to be maintained with regular cleaning, but do not not require the constant polishing and detail treatments to maintain the amazing finish.

Exterior Protection

2 Coats Painted Surfaces


Sedan $700
SUV $800
Large $900